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     An SGA Case File - #1311


The story of a one time coaching Inn, The White Hart Inn began in 1516. Once a hanging place, The Grassmarket area was also an historic market place in the Old Town of Edinburgh, Scotland. It is reputed to be one of the most haunted pubs in Edinburgh with sightings of a small man clutching a bag of coins in the cellar area where the bar originally stood, disembodied legs walking up a staircase no longer there to the pulling of a female staff members hair, heard footsteps and the most recent vibrant image in red inadvertently caught on camera in the present bar area, to name but a few.


During the research investigation, Scottish Ghost Adventures were able to capture numerous EVPs and flashing anomalies in the bar area where the intriguing image of a red figure was photographed by Austrailian tourist Erin Burrows whilst taking a picture of her father and mother Jenny. A second capture was taken by Edinburgh Ghost Hunting Society approx. six months later in the same location of the bar (last pic L-R).


There are separate EVPs that possibly say the word ‘me’. The first capture appears to be saying "the baby", then someone asking 'who's that?' and one calling out our surname 'Connor'. There was also a 'Class A' EVP heard saying ‘help me’ that came from the same area of the bar where the anomaly was photographed. Is this the image and voice of the reputed murdered prostitute wearing her red dress? Was she pregnant? Is there possibly a more sinister background to her story?


SGA feel that there is enough activity to determine further research within the premises, some not mentioned here, but can be seen and heard on Chapter I of the full investigation. The White Hart Inn is definitely a place Scottish Ghost Adventures would like to examine further in the future.

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"Everything is energy that's all there is to it. Match the frequency of the reality you want and you cannot help but get that reality. It can be no other way.  This is not philosophy. This is physics."


~Albert Einstein_    

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Montana Jordan


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