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"...the existence of the Double . . . The instantaneous transportation of the Thought Body, instinct with consciousness, tangible or capable of speech, and preserving memory of its flight; from place to place, is a conception so stupendous as to stagger the most daring imagination. It is as if we were transported into space of four dimensions. Yet who can read the record of the appearance of Doubles, both before death and at other times, without feeling that the possibility of such latent powers existing in at least some human beings can no longer be dismissed as unthinkable? . . . "

~William T. Stead (1891)

"...this is an intuitive journey in time that we individually feel compelled to make. The purpose of which we believe, will reveal itself."

~Mark Connor, SGA

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​We will NEVER:


- Fake evidence or report psuedoscience as being introduced as factual evidence unless supported.

- Release a clients name or address without their permission.

- Disclose any confidential information.

- Knowingly place our client, public or team members in danger.

- Take advantage of any perceived vulnerabilities.

- Provoke spirits in a clients home or business.

- Take souvenirs from a location.

- Use unorthodox practices that are questionable or will create harm to others.

- Charge clients for investigations or investigation related services.














We will ALWAYS:


- Place safety measures as paramount in EVERY investigation with appropriate risk assessing and additonal documentation/written consents agreed and signed prior to investigation.

- Maintain professionalism of high moral integrity and social standards.

- Respect the sensitivity of our clients, their values and their beliefs with request of any medical issues and immediate contacts. Additional safeguarding of all vulnerable clients.

- Present all evidence to the client whether it proves or disproves any paranormal claims.

- Remain progressive in our approaches of new equipment, techniques and experimentation, using all equipment to manufacturers guidance and research with clear investigative motives set out.

- Be on time for investigations or team organised events and all persons briefed and debriefed.

- Adhere to ALL known laws and regulations including incorporation of a whistleblowing policy of all investigators and reported in strict confidence to the Lead Investigator.

- Require participants MUST be 18 years old or older.

- Respect the desceased and their families memory.


ALL members of SGA are Disclosure Scotland certified.


Experiments and Theories

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