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IF you believe you have experienced any paraNORMAL activity and you would like to request SGA to investigate, you can contact us via e-mail at the address below or on any of our social networks.


NO FEE Will Be Charged For Our Services.


SGA is a 100% voluntary based charity. We are open to the concept of accepting assistance from the community in the form of equipment, and/or labour/goods pertinent to the affairs of our organisation, or welcome a donation. If you would like to advertise or become an SGA sponsor please feel free to contact Mark via our e-mail address.

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"Hello my friends.

It is hoped in the future

this system will enable us

to communicate with distant dimensions.

Many people here feel as i do,

that this work is

of utmost importance to mankind,

and therefore are willing

to put their hearts into these experiments." 

ITC device experiment Communication - Jan 1997

- The Scole Experiment



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